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Hangzhou Lvding Filer Press Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. Our company is a professional manufacturing enterprise of filter presses with complete facilities, advanced technique, powerful strength and perfect testing method.

We provide chamber type and sheet flame type filter press in multiple varieties and full specifications, including, automatic type, hydraulic drive and manual driven type. In addition, there is mechanics-electronics-hydraulics integrative type, mechanics-electronics-hydraulics split type and rubber diaphragm type. To meet market demand, our company develops and manufactures filter press of filter plate from 315mm to 2000mm and filtering area from 0.6㎡to 1190㎡. Filter plate is made from high-strength polypropylene and auxiliary material through mould pressing. We have common cabinet-type filter plate, embedded-type filter plate, and high pressure PP membrane filter plate. Our products use hydraulic pressing and mechanical nut to maintain pressure, or hydraulic pressure and automatic measure to maintain pressure. In addition, automatic pulling plate system, automatic shutter and liquid receiving system, automatic washing and filter cloth system, mud storage bucket or PLC remote control system can be provided on customer demand. Max compression pressure of high-pressure PP membrane filter plate is 20kg, which meets demand of low moisture content.

Our facilities are used for solid and liquid separation of raw material, industrial waste liquid and domestic sewage in non-metal ores, metal ores, metallurgy, dyeing, ceramic, electroplating, coal gas, paper-making, steel wire rope, coking, pharmaceutical, food, wining and fine chemical industry.

We could design filter press with special performance on your requirements, for example, polypropylene tray and launder with anti-corrosion property.